Why not make your own wine bottle lamp or lighted glass block?

Why not make your own wine or whisky bottle Table lamp?  

My complete bottle making lamp kit will give you easy to follow step-by- step directions. All you will need to do is find a bottle that you like; purchase a lamp shade and a 25 watt light bulb. My complete bottle making kits includes:

A 3/8 inch diamond drill bit with directions (How to drill a Hole in a Bottle)

All required electrical and lamp parts.

A 3-terminal, 2 circuit light socket. (Bottle lights on only, top bulb on only, or both). Wiring instructions.

A string of 20 Teeny Rice Clear lights  brown wire  5ft.

Silly Putty and a snap-in plastic grommet.

I think that you will love making your own bottle lamp.  My bottle lamp kit is a great & unusual Gift.


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